Interesting Things You Need to Know About 10 Main Rules of Kabaddi

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Interesting Things You Need to Know About 10 Main Rules of Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a very popular game all across southern Asia. This contact sport has been around from the times of ancient India. As expected, the game has evolved and today, it has its main rules and they will be discussed in this piece. 

10 Main Rules of Kabaddi

Just as with any other game, Kabaddi also has its own rules and this section will focus on the 10 main ones. Without these Kabaddi game rules, there can be no game of Kabaddi as we know it. 

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  1. For each Kabaddi match, there have to be six officials coordinating everything. This will include one referee, two umpires, one scorer, and two assistant scorers. This is the standard requirement of rules of Kabaddi in points and it must be adhered to. 
  2. For each team of Kabaddi, there can be a maximum of 12 players. However, there can only be a maximum of seven players on the pitch at any given time. 
  3. There will be a classification of matches based on age and weight, this is because Kabaddi is highly physical. 
  4. According to Kabaddi rules, a match will last for 20 minutes and there will be a break at half time, the break will last for five minutes. 
  5. When a Kabaddi match is to start, there has to be a coin toss. Whoever wins the coin toss is going to decide whether their side should start the initial raid or not. When the second half of the match commences, the team that did not do any raiding initially is going to be the one to commence the second half via a raid. 
  6. Before a point can be scored, the player doing the raiding has to take a breath and dash across the midline straight into the other half of the pitch which belongs to the opposition. Then the raider tries to touch one or more opponents before dashing to their side of the pitch before breathing in again. 
  7. The raider has to show and prove that no other breath has been taken. Hence, the rider must continue to shout the word ‘Kabaddi’. By not doing this, even for a second, implies that the rider has to go to their side of the pitch with no point. 
  8. The defense is done by the team that is being raided and their players have to do everything possible to ensure that they are not touched. The raiders can only be grabbed by their legs, arms, or torso and not by their clothes or hair.
  9. The two teams are going to alternate the defending and raiding. After halftime, the two teams exchange sides of the court. The team that did the defense at first in the first half will be the one to commence the second half by doing the raiding.
  10. The Kabaddi game rules have it that the match will continue in the pattern outlined in the above points until the duration is over and the team that has managed to have gathered the most points is the winner.

Kabaddi – Going Global

Kabaddi - popular game

Sport kabaddi is also well-loved in the United Kingdom where there are remarkable communities of Indians and Pakistanis. All across the globe, the job of governing the sport rests with the International Kabaddi Federation. Without the Kabaddi rules and regulations, this sport Kabaddi cannot be what it is.