Some of the Baseball Rules You Must Know

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Some of the Baseball Rules You Must Know

The craze for sports has always been the same as it is today, nowadays you everyone is a sports fan.  Although the sport can be different for every person. Baseball is also one of the exciting and interesting games played with bat and ball. As this game has some things in common with cricket, these sports also have a large number of followers. 

Talking about the rules of the baseball then, general rules of the baseball vary from league to league but still, there are few rules which remain the same. Baseball fans or players will love to know about the rules and how it is played. 

Rules are the general things that differentiate games one from another, and rules are necessary for the sports. This is only the pillar on which judgment is done. However, there are many rules in baseball, but some are general and important.   In this article, we will discuss those rules of Baseball. 

The object of the Game

game of baseball

The main objective of this game is to score more and more runs as compared to the opponent team. There are 9 players in each team, trying to score more than each other. The person who does batting he wants to hit the ball as far as he can so they can get more time to gain more runs. 


Players can score multiple points from one hit if more than one player is already on one of the bases. When you hear the phrase ‘the bases are loaded’, this refers to the instance where there is a player on every base. So, every time a batter successfully makes it to first base, the other players on the second and third bases can trickle home, earning a point for their team each time. Depending on how many players get around to home plate before being tagged will depend on how many points you score. A maximum of four points can be scored on one hit.

Rules of the Baseball

general baseball rules

Let us look at the Rules of the Baseball:

  • In Baseball, there are two teams each consisting of 9 players.
  • One game lasts for 9 innings, in which both the teams get a chance to bat, and one team has scored more runs than the other.
  • The batting order is fixed and it cannot be changed once it is kept in order.
  • If the batter manages to hit the ball from the pitcher, they must make an effort to at least get to first base. They can then run to as many bases as they wish before being tagged out. Each base must be touched with some part of the batter’s body when running past.


Every Game has a particular rule, and every player has to follow those rules if he wants to win the game fairly. Baseball also has some rules, some general rules, and some very important rules. In this article, I have mentioned a few general Baseball rules. I hope you liked this article.